How Do You Move a Digital Piano

Buying a digital piano is very simple. You can go online and search for sellers of digital pianos or keyboards near you. You will find various sellers of those musical instruments. Please make a choice, pay for it and arrange for how to transport it to your home.

I recommend buying it on Amazon. They have great deals, and they can help you get it to your house without breaking it. If you decide to go directly to a seller to purchase it, you may have to plan on how to move it.

If you are purchasing a portable or lightweight keyboard, you should be able to carry it by yourself. If you cannot, you may seek the assistance of a couple of friends.

But if it’s a heavy keyboard, you may need to adopt some techniques. Believe me; it’s not one problem you will like to experience. Moving a heavy digital piano or keyboard is a tedious task.

And based on this reason, you may require the services of some professionals. Nevertheless, below are some of the things to consider about moving your digital piano, especially a grand piano.    

How Do You Move a Digital Piano – 5 Things To Consider

1. Disassemble the parts

If you want to move a grand piano, the first and most reasonable thing to do is to disassemble the parts. This method will make it a lot easier for you to carry. It is always advisable to do this for all fragile or delicate items that you want to move.

While disassembling the parts, be careful not to break any of its sensitive components. A grand piano has a lot of breakable or delicate pieces.

And considering the price, it is crucial to handle it with the utmost care. So here, you will remove the keyboard cover, all the legs, the pedals, as well as other removable parts.

2. Pack the parts carefully

The next step is to pack all the disassembled parts carefully. You will need some moving pads for this. You can make use of blankets or thick towels if you don’t have moving pads.

Pads and blankets will help prevent the parts from scratches, worse still, and damages. So, even when you accidentally drop the item, all its components will still be intact.

3. Get a tape

At this stage, you need a tape to secure all the blankets or moving pads. But before making use of the tape, you have to wrap all the parts with separate blankets first. The essence of this is to provide damage protection for the elements when the vehicle is in motion.

4. Get a skid board

Another thing you need to consider is getting a skid board for your piano. A skid board may be strange to you, but it isn’t, to professional movers. It is a necessary tool for them. A skid board is a board with padded cushion enabling you to move a piano or a keyboard.

Some people refer to this board as a “piano board.” Hence, whenever you come across the term, you should know that they are talking about the same object. Now, place the packed piano on the piano board.

5. Fasten the packed piano with straps

Once you place the packed piano on the piano board, fasten it with the straps attached to the board. After doing that successfully, you can now push the piano board to the vehicle or truck.

As it is now, you have successfully prevented your keyboard parts from damages. All that you require now is to transport it to the new location. So, in more precise terms, you just succeeded in moving your grand piano or keyboard.

How to Unpack Your Items?

Upon getting to the new location, you will need the piano board again. It would help if you used the board to move the items from the truck to the new house. You should fasten the packed items with the straps as you did the first time.

The straps are to hold the items firmly to the board so that they do not fall off while pushing the piano board.  Do this, until you get all the packed items into the house. Then you can start to unwrap them one after the other.

Re-assembling the Parts

When all the packed items are open, and the wrapped blankets, unwrapped, you may start to reassemble the piano. It is pertinent to engage the assistance of a few friends so that you can lift the piano and place it on the legs. Also, you will discover that you need more hands in some other areas during and after reassembling of the piano.

Final Verdict

The ideas or steps mentioned above are easy to follow. And by applying them, you will realize that the stress and challenges of moving a digital piano or a keyboard will reduce.

Notwithstanding, you must be very careful when handling the parts because some of them are delicate. That’s one reason why you should consider hiring a professional.

There are different reasons why you may want to move your piano. It may be that you are moving to a new home. Or that you just opened a music studio and you are moving it from your home to the studio.

Whatever the case may be, ensure that you follow the steps discussed. And if you just purchased the digital piano, you can request that the sellers help with its movement.

But if you have to save some money by not hiring professional movers, then I think the information you read here will be beneficial. Be that as it may, you will always need a helping hand if you have to move a digital piano.