Best Digital Upright Piano

The ultimate reason why you should use the Best Digital Upright Piano Review is because you’re liable to making crisp sounds with any of them. Besides, you can use them for practices and concert splendidly.

And, that’s because they have key sensitivity, which aids in the flowery reproduction of sounds even when you’re losing out notes while playing. That’s not all; you can also use them to connect to musical apps. You can use headphones for them, too.

It’s definitely a type of piano that would provide you with maximum supports and fun when playing. Although you might find them to be either detachable or not, yet they are a great complement to any décor, trust me.

Furthermore, the materials used for them are durable and not vulnerable to quick spoilage at all. Of course, we’re presenting you with standard keyboards with 88 keys. There are not sub-standard ones on this list at all.

Conversely, they are one that buyers around the world have found so reliable to use, and they are raving about it in the marketplace currently.

So, why not check what distinguishes these top ten premium pianos from others in the below section of this article? This would aid you to make a great transaction:

Our Picks of 10 Best Digital Upright Piano Reviews:

1. Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Upright Piano

Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Upright PianoThis product of ours is one that would suit you if you rarely want to maximize spaces in your home. It comes with the standard features that can intrigue you regardless of your taste.

The texture of the outlook is impressive. It’s a digital upright piano made of the combination of ebony and ivory. It looks so magnificent and befitting.

There are 88 keys on this and is viable for practices, recording, and stage performance. Besides, it comes with the complete learning tool that a newbie can use to master its use within a short time; how?

The manufacturer provides online lessons for enthusiasts on the use of this product. And, if you’re a professional pianist, then this shouldn’t be difficult for you to play. The weighted keys resonate effectively like any other premium product.

It sounds so good, and there are 19 additional prerecorded sounds that you can use, too. It comes with the functions that you can utilize to regulate the use of the unit.

There is even a 4-speaker on the inside of the unit. This is an addition so that you can have the sound reproduction just the way you want it.


  • This product has a dimension of 59.5 x 16.2 x 15 inches and weighs 111 pounds.
  • There are 88 weighted keys on this.
  • There are two headphone jacks of ¼” on this. It has a dual-mode for joining two sounds together at a time.
  • The sensitivity of the keys is adjustable by simply pressing the right button.
  • There are 19 instruments tones on this with 256 polyphony sounds.
  • This has a USB port and is playable with iOS, laptops, and so on.
  • This has 60 prerecorded songs on it.
  • The functions are just by the side. And, the inscriptions on it make the identification of each easy.

2. Roland FP-10 Digital Upright Piano Bundle

Roland FP-10 Digital Upright Piano BundleThis digital upright piano is rich in sound reproductions. And guess what? The company is not only providing you with the keyboard alone.

You’ll be getting a stand, bench, online lesson, polishing cloth, and an instructional booklet by purchasing this.

Of course, you’ll be getting them alongside with piano at an affordable price. There is a Bluetooth technology on this. You can use the USB/ MIDI port to do that.

Moreover, the connectivity is on high-speed. As long as you’re adept with the use of a standard piano, then you’re good to go. The 88 weighted keys are sensitive to touches.

Meanwhile, it’s a ‘furniture’ type of piano with a pedal system. The fact that you can use this for two apps makes it versatile. There are two headphone jacks on this that you can use comfortably.

The speaker on it is an add-on that would be of immense importance to you also. It’s definitely one that you’d purchased and become pleased.


  • The dimension is 58 x 16.5 x 16 inches and weighs 81 pounds.
  • This product features Bluetooth connectivity.
  • You can rely on the sound intensity of this keyboard.
  • The unit is in furniture style and reliable to use for a long time.
  • The sound intensity and pitch doesn’t dwindle while it’s in use.
  • This is a product that’s made by one of the renowned brands in the industry.
  • It has all the functionality that makes it usable anywhere.

3. LAGRIMA Digital Piano, 88 Keys Electric Keyboard

LAGRIMA Digital Piano, 88 Keys Electric KeyboardThis advanced unit has come with iterations for all its functions. It’s to ensure that you’re able to use them for a long time on the long haul.

Just imagine it, this is a product that comes with a 3-pedal system and, at the same time, provides pedal protection.

Aside from that, there are LCD screen on it which you’d want to use, trust me. The sequence at which the pedals are situated are soft, sustain, and Sostenuto – all to give pleasant sounds.

You’d also find 80 DEMO songs on it with dual-mode option. The 960 tones and 128-polyphony, on the other hand, is what you don’t want to miss, trust me.

You’ll even have a splendid experience on it with the powerful built-in speaker. And that’s not all; do you know that you can connect this to the internet? It has the MIDI terminal, which you can rely on for the connection. This works well with iPhone and Android devices.


  • The dimension is 52.7 x 17.8 x 32.9 inches and weighs 93.5 pounds.
  • This has an ergonomic structure, and you can depend on its use for a long time.
  • There are 88 weighted keys on this, which you’d love to use.
  • The functions on this include multi-tone selection, volume regulation, metronome function, and the teaching function.
  • This has the buttons on the upper part of the keyboard.
  • There is Bluetooth connectivity with this.
  • There is a built-in stereo speaker.
  • It has a USB port with two headphone jacks.

4. Yamaha YDP184R Arius Series Console Digital Piano

Yamaha YDP184R Arius Series Console Digital PianoAsk anybody, Yamaha products are the only brand they want to use. And why is that so? It’s because they are one of the successful brands in the industry for decades.

If you’ve not used any of their products before, then give it a try today.  Their products are known to be durable and fair to use. Besides, they also render amazing services that can amuse anyone.

Of course, Yamaha have proven these incredible characteristic over the years. This digital upright piano, however, is a viable one. It has an LCD screen, which makes it look amazing.

There is a virtual resonance modeling system on the design of this keyboard and also dual modes.

The essence of the dual-mode is to enhance the ease of navigation of songs from one to another. The accessories are top-notch. They include a padded bench, music stand, power supply, and a lyrical sheet.

You don’t even need a manual before coupling the keyboard; it’s what you can do intuitively. The built-in MIDI recorder makes it easier to connect it to other electronic gizmo.


  • The dimension is 57.5 x 18.1 x 36.5 inches and weighs 180 pounds.
  • This has a built-in MIDI recorder.
  • There are 24 instrument voices on this keyboard.
  • The piano comes with the full accessories that are needed.
  • There are 88 keys on this with VRM.
  • The Virtual Resonance Modeling enhances the reproducing sounds.
  • This product is made by one of the leading brands in the world.
  • You can depend on the manufacturer’s policy. Their services are reliable.

5. Donner DDP-100 Digital Piano 88 Key Weighted

Donner DDP-100 Digital Piano 88 Key WeightedIf you’re an enthusiast, you need to purchase a product that’s finger-friendly so that you can remain on it for an extended period. Indeed, I mean ones that have powerful key sensitivity.

The premium unit goes well with variable finger strengths. It reproduces excellent sounds, and the tuning from one tone is easier. You can regulate the functions with ease.

You can even do the adjustment the volume of the sounds with ease. There are a lot of functionalities on it. For example, it has a 128-polyphony on this. And, there are add-ons which make the sound soothe hearing.

It has the 88 weighted keys that make it top-notch for usage. Indeed, you can use the guidelines on the manual to do that flawlessly. It supports external gadgets, too. In fact, you can use this with headphones. It has a functional and compelling speaker.

The design is a simple one and very compact. Therefore, if you reside in a small apartment, then this is for you. It has an ergonomic structure, and you can enjoy its use regardless of where you’re using it at a point in time.


  • The dimension is 57.5 x 18.9 x 17.1 inches and weighs 99 pounds.
  • The accessories it comes with are one manual, 16 screws, eight spiel, two columns for maximum support, an adapter, the bridge, and the digital upright piano itself.
  • This product is made of medium-density fiberboard.
  • It has a power adapter that this has makes it usable with power outlets of 120V.
  • There are 88 keys on this, and you can use them with ease.
  • The materials used for the construction of the piano are wire, wood, and plastic.

6. Yamaha DGX-660 88 Key Grand Digital Upright Piano

Yamaha DGX-660 88 Key Grand Digital Upright PianoThere is no way you’ll mentioning the top-2 products made by Yamaha that you won’t name this also. It’s so unique in all dimensions. This product reproduces pure sounds.

Moreover, it features the GHS weighted format, just like acoustic pianos. The keyboard is more cumbersome at the low register and lighter at the high.

The sound is crisp and audible to human hearing. In addition, it has the score display, which aids in projecting the staff and the position of the notes of the music you’re playing.

This is to enhance your skill. And to crown it all, it has the premium accessories that anyone would love to see.

There are sound settings on this, which you can use to make the right tune. The use of the function is not complex at all. Nonetheless, you can use the kit on it to master its use. It comes with a DVD for learning.

You can even attend online classes so that you can enjoy its use. Other accessories include the bench, the piano stand, dust cover, and so on.


  • The dimension is 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches and weighs 88 pounds.
  • There is a built-in speaker on this that reproduces good sound.
  • It has an exquisite design that’s enviable and comes with accessories that make it usable even by newbie.
  • This has presets on this with recorded sounds.
  • There is a MIDI/USB port on this.
  • There is a screen display of the note of the music you’re playing on an external component if you connect via the midi.
  • You can use the DVD to learn about the operation of the piano.
  • The product comes with a warranty.

7. KORG B2SP 88-Key Digital Piano with Stand

KORG B2SP 88-Key Digital Piano with StandKORG is not only presenting you with a beautiful looking piano but a premium one with exquisite features. It’s a product that has three pedals on it.

In fact, it comes with the I/O function, which you can utilize to determine the range of connectivity.  And, it works with software of all sorts.

There are three pedals on this, which you can use to play on the piano comfortably. Of course, the pedals have their functions, which you can rely on at any time.

If you’ve owned a piano before, then the use of this one shouldn’t be a problem at all. Moreover, this would complement your home so well.

It’s something that you’d be glad you choose, trust me.  Use this to learn how to use a piano so that you can learn the mechanism in your comfort zone. You can reproduce sounds in 12 genres of music.

It comes with the table and a beam. The beam is enormous. The size even enhances the stability of the keyboard when using it.


  • The dimension is 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches and weighs 21.2 pounds.
  • There are two horizontal beams on it that aids in its rigidity.
  • You can use this for the connection into a variety of software.
  • There are 88 weighted keys on this.
  • The three pedals are joined together onto the horizontal beams.
  • Our digital upright piano is for newbie.
  • The product is not pricey at all.

8. Yamaha P-45 Digital Upright Piano

Yamaha P-45 Digital Upright PianoYou can have a splendid fun by just using the right piano. Use this one that has 64-polyphony and dual modes. This is an addition that would augment the sound you create.

And, with the USB, you can connect with instructions from other pianists. It is one that comes with the full features that would benefit you.

It even comes with the Austin Bazaar polishing cloth and instruction booklet. Furthermore, purchase this which GHS is more substantial in the low end and higher in the other end.

Also, it features the memory stereo sampling that aids in the lucid creation of sounds and tunes in the stereo.

There is also a dual-mode on it, which aids in the combination of two voices. And, if you rarely want to maximize your spaces, then this is for you. It comes with the full accessories that are added so that you can have the immediate use of the unit.

Moreover, what you’d like to use apart from the ergonomic table is the chair that comes with it. It’s just a product that you can’t beat for its qualities.


  • The dimension is 60 x 20 x 17 inches and weighs 65 pounds.
  • There is a platform where you can put gadgets and musical books.
  • This product comes with a warranty.
  • You can use headphone jacks and USB for this.
  • There is a dual-mode option on this, which aids in merging two sounds.
  • It doesn’t occupy many spaces at homes.
  • It comes with the Austin Bazaar instructional booklet.

9. Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano

Casio Privia PX-160 Digital PianoOur piano is one that would give you a memorable experience. It offers the brilliant acoustic and digital upright piano futuristic. It reproduces sounds like strings, organ, guitar, and more.

Indeed, you can have fun using it because of the large volume selection it has on it. The unit even features the Acoustic intelligent Resonator.

The inclusion of this provides sound grand piano tune in the PX-160.  Also, there are four dynamic levels here that aid one to determine the limit of the sounds.

It’s such a tool that you’d find so comfortable to use; how? It comes with the full accessories that are needed to have the ultimate use of the unit.

Of course, this has 88 keys. And, there is tri-sensor on the keys, which makes it exceptional. The built-in speaker is a powerful one. You’ll even value its integument.

The exterior is made of ivory and ebony. It even comes with accessories that make its use viable at the delivery point. The size of headphone jack that you can use for this, however, is ¼”. Invariably, it’s one that you can use with ease.


  • The dimension is 23 x 59 x 17 inches and weighs 50 pounds.
  • There are 88 keys on this with tri-sensors.
  • This digital upright piano has a beam and pedals on it.
  • The tri-sensor on the keyboard enhances the flowery flow of notes perpetually.
  • The unit is best for any home décor.
  • This is one that newbie and pianist can use with ease.
  • There are several tones on it, and one can make records with it.
  • This is one that anyone can use reliably.

10. Korg LP380-88 – Key Digital Piano, Black

Korg LP380-88 - Key Digital Piano, BlackThis digital piano is enjoyable to play. It has 88 keys with a pedal system. It’s just like any other premium digital upright piano. This has an ergonomic structure and possesses USB and headphone jack connectors.

There are upgrades to this product, especially. It has key covers, and you can rely on their performances. Moreover, there are varieties of sounds on this.

And, they cut across instrument sounds and prerecorded sounds. The functions, of course, are at the conspicuous part of the piano, and you can use them with the aid of the manual that comes with it.

This doesn’t come with a bench. However, it’s a product that reproduces prerecorded classic and grand piano sound. There are even many more sounds on it, and the transposition is easy, too. All you need to do is maximize the use of the manual judiciously.


  • The dimension is 53.4 x 13.8 x 30.4 inches and weighs 81.6 pounds.
  • This has 88 weight keys on it.
  • The pedal system is sold separately on this unit.
  • This is an affordable digital upright piano.
  • There are several sound options on this that you’d love to opt from at a point in time.
  • It comes with limited accessories.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Digital Upright Piano?

to Choose the Best Digital Upright Piano

1. Accessories

The accessories that come with a product matters, some have benches, and some don’t. Whatever the case may be, check maybe the accessories worth the money.

At times, you just need to know if you can provide those that are not available on the list. The consideration of all these would aid you have an excellent time shopping.

2. Affordability

The price of a product matters too. As a matter of fact, this should be put into consideration before any other thing. Nonetheless, the cost of the products listed here is fair. You can maximize on this to get the best product and still stay on the safer side of the purchase.

3. Size

Some pianos are detachable while some are not. Check out for the size of the prospective product so that you’ll know whether it’s going to be the best fit for the available spaces. It’s the best way to make the right choice.

4. Features

The features that products possess vary. Therefore, look for the one that you’d love to use or suit you. Besides, the platform has presented you with the best digital upright pianos for both newbie and professional pianist. Therefore, choose the one that you think suits your needs.

5. Make Your Order

Once you’ve seen the very one that has promising features, then make the order of the product. You can click on the link that we’ve provided beneath each of the products that we’ve listed here.

Final Verdict 

Overall, the best digital upright piano is the Philips Hp6378/10 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer.  And you know why we chose this? It consists of the full features that typical digital upright piano should possess. So, you might need this if you rarely don’t want to go on a long search.