Yamaha Arius YDP 144

What prompted us to write this Yamaha Arius YDP 144 review is one particular feature. The feature dazzled us so much. The outstanding feature that we are talking about is the duet mode.

When you activate the mode, the keyboard splits into two parts so that two people can play it at the same time. This will allow you and your music partner to play a particular song together.

And this will provide more fun. As they say, the more, the merrier. Also, it gives a chance for a teacher and his/her student to play the piano at the same time.

We are sure you will love the feature too. Also, you will love its color. It is available in black, and this color will go along with any décor and wall color.

In addition, while many pianos have only a user manual, this one comes with a music book and a user manual separately.

The user manual gives you information on how to play the piano while the music book helps to improve your musical skills. The piano also has a smart pianist app with which you scan your songs

Yamaha Arius YDP 144 Review | 5 Major Features:

1. It has two headphone outputs

The Yamaha Arius YDP 144This piano has a couple of headphone outputs.  So, you can practice with your headphones on, and you’ll be the only person listening to your song.

This is necessary for locations where there are other people who are sleeping, reading, or doing other things, and the sound from your piano may disturb them.

Once you connect the headphone and wear it, you’ll be the only one hearing the sound. However, when using the headphone, don’t set the volume to the maximum as it could damage your eardrums.

2. The piano has rich sounds

Another quality that sets this piano apart from others is its rich sounds. No matter how good you are, you can’t win with a piano that produces low-quality sounds.

This is why we appreciate this device. Its keys produce sounds that are pleasing to the ears. We love the sounds, and we are sure that you will love the sounds too.

3. It has two in-built speakers

Some pianos can’t be used in a big hall, to entertain a large gathering because their sound is not so loud. Only the people in the first few rows will get to hear the piano well.

Others may have to strain their ears to hear the sound. We know because we have been in similar situations. That is why we are recommending this piano because of its loud sounds.

It has two in-built speakers that are making the sounds so loud. You can play it in a big hall. Everyone, from the front row to the very last row in the back, will enjoy it without straining their ears.

4. You will love the duet mode

best Yamaha Arius YDP 144

Some songs are to be performed by two people. This may not be possible with several other pianos because only one person can play them at the same time.

However, this one has a perfect solution. It has a duet mode. When you activate the mode, the keyboard will be split into two parts so that two pairs of hands will be able to play it.

If you have a music teacher, you will love this feature because it will allow you and your teacher to play the same song at the same time. Only very few pianos have a duet mode.

5. It has 88 keys

Having up to 88 keys makes it a standard piano. What piano experts check first is the number of keys. Since this piano has up to 88 keys, it means professionals can also make use of it.

Buying Guide – How to Buy Yamaha Arius YDP 144?

How to Buy Yamaha Arius YDP 144

You have checked the features and have decided to buy the piano, right? That’s great. Here are some of the tips to apply.

1. Check some of its user Reviews

It is important that you know a lot about the product before you buy it. So, we will advise you to read as many user reviews as possible. Some of the reviews contain important information on the product. You can get enough reviews on Amazon.

2. Purchase it on Amazon

You can purchase the product on Amazon because it has several user reviews on the platform. Also, Amazon offers competitive prices.

3. Check its accessories on Delivery

Mistakes happen, and some accessories may be omitted while packing the unit. So, we will advise you to confirm if the accessories are complete. There should be a music book and a user manual in the pack as well. Remember that they come separately.

4. Test it within the Return Window

You need to test your piano within its return window to be sure that you like it.

5. Post a Review

Since you were guided by user reviews, it might be better if you return the favor by also posting an honest review on Amazon to guide potential buyers.

Product Benefits
  • The device has an Amazon rating of 5 stars out of 5.
  • It has 88 standard keys.
  • Your guests will love its rich sounds.
  • A pair of in-built speakers makes it very loud.
  • It has duet mode for two people to play it at the same time.
  • The piano is a product of Yamaha.
  • It comes with ten voice demos.
  • You will find a music book and a user manual in its pack.
  • Its black color will fit any décor.
  • Since it has two headphone outputs, you can use it with a headphone.
The Negative Things
  • It is heavy.
  • The piano is also massive, and it will take a lot of space.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Where can I buy the piano?

Answer: We got one from Amazon, and we suggest you buy from there.

Question 2: Is it portable?

Answer: Unfortunately, it is not portable. It weighs 105 pounds.

Question 3: May I know its number of keys?

Answer: This piano has 88 keys.

Question 4:  Does it have any special feature?

Answer: Yes, it has a duet mode that splits the keyboard into two so that two people can play it at the same time.

Question 5: What color is it?

Answer: Black.

Final Verdict

If you have been following this Yamaha Arius YDP 144 review from the beginning, you’ll agree that the piano has already advertised itself with all its amazing features. It does not need any recommendation.

Nevertheless, we’ll still give our express recommendation on it. If you buy it, you’ll be glad you did. It does not have only our recommendation; it also has our assurance.